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Appendix A. Attributes and filters

OpendTect attributes and filters are divided into 'dip-steering attributes' and 'no-steering attributes'.
A comprehensive list of all the attributes and filters available in the free, open source OpendTect core software is shown below (the so-called 'no-steering attributes'):

Note that other attributes and filters are only available if the corresponding plug-in has been installed. Information on commercial dGB plugins, please read the dGB Plugins Documentation
Attributes related to Earthworks & ARK CLS plug-ins are documented in their corresponding UserDocs. These can be found by using following link: and clicking the User-Documentation icon.
Table of Contents

Convolve (2D/3D) -- Attribute that returns a filtered response
Delta Resample -- Attribute that enables residual alignment of seismic volumes
Energy -- Response attribute that returns the energy of a trace segment
Event -- Attribute that quantifies an events shape or distance relative to a next event
Fingerprint -- Attribute that computes the similarity between a user-defined vector of attributes and the equivalent vector taken at each position in a cube.
Frequency -- Response attribute that returns frequency properties
Frequency Filter -- Attribute that returns filtered data using FFT or Butterworth filter types
GapDecon -- Attribute that aims to attenuate repetitions of primary reflections (multiples).
Grubbs Filter -- Attribute that removes outliers from normally distributed data.
Horizon -- Attribute that enables advanced calculations on horizons
Instantaneous -- Attribute that returns a value at a single sample location.
Match Delta -- Attribute that extracts time shifts between similar events in different seismic volumes
Mathematics -- Attribute that returns the result of a user-defined mathematical expression
Position -- Attribute that returns any attribute calculated at the location where another attribute has its minimum, maximum or median within a small volume.
Prestack -- The pre-stack attribute can be used either to extract statistics on the gathers and their amplitudes, or to extract AVO attributes.
Reference -- Attribute that returns the definitions of the extraction position
Reference shift -- Attribute that moves the extraction position in 3D space
Sample Value -- Attribute that returns the input value at the sample location
Scaling -- Attribute used for scaling of amplitude
Similarity -- Multi-trace attribute that returns trace-to-trace similarity properties
Spectral decomposition -- Frequency attribute that returns the amplitude spectrum (FFT) or waveletcoefficients (CWT)
Texture -- Group of attributes that return statistical properties of a Grey-Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM)
Velocity Fan Filter -- Attribute that returns energy with apparent velocities/dips inside a specified Min/Max range.
Volume statistics -- Attribute that returns statistical properties

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